Down jacket for your temperament

Korean version of bread and down clothes. First of all, it is a very thin design, casual upper body is very tasty ~large fur collar and bat sleeve is the most favorite design, combined with the minimalist body, to create a very temperamental profile! Fabrics are also very textured white velvet filling Oh, girls in winter can also be a second line figure.

Raccoon feather coat. This is absolutely the right choice for girls, medium and long model, coupled with minimalist design, the upper body is very thin and age-reducing Oh ~ body into the design of a large fur collar, combined with super texture of white duck down fabric, very broad and stylish, is concave shape of the points of the single product oh! Girls like not to miss!

Large hair collar medium length down jacket. At first glance, I think Ta is a Korean version of down jacket, first of all, in terms of material, is very comfortable and warm white duck down, combined with loose layout design, simply not too easy to wear! Large collar is very visual effect, the details are great! Is the girls wardrobe must-have items!

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