How much do you know about tailor made down jacket?

Many of these processing sites do not have any disinfection and drying equipment, corner waste and feather balls are everywhere, the air is still fine fluff flying. Most of the fabrics used in processing shops are usually stacked in rolls. It is difficult for consumers to see the basic information such as the date of production and the location of the fabrics. Most shopkeepers said, “These are strictly disinfected by the manufacturer!” But there is no processing shop where the relevant certificates or text materials are placed prominently.

Shopkeepers often put good down samples in jars, and then put the jars in a prominent position in the store. Customers will let them see the samples if they ask. According to industry insiders, it is common to replace good quality down with poor quality down, and even some illegal businessmen, taking advantage of consumers’inattention, will be the original down clothes in the high-quality down stolen into low-quality down, or jerry-building to reduce down filling, but still charge consumers high processing fees.

In this regard, professionals said that custom down jackets do not want to covet cheap, the first thing to value, thick and light is high quality, looks thin but heavy, generally have problems. At the same time, depending on the fluffy degree, squeeze hard with the hand, can press very thin, immediately after loosening the hand fluffy as before is a good pile, inferior pile can not press very thin, and after loosening the hand recovery slowly.

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