Down jacket is really not suitable for all babies.

Many mothers will neglect to look at the label when they buy clothes for their children, so the small weave reminds mothers to check whether there is a product quality label when they buy down jackets, whether there is a manufacturer’s name on the label, the amount of down directly affects the warmth of down jackets. Mothers should be determined according to the baby’s wearing needs, if the baby at home is passionate and warm physique, it is recommended to choose a small amount of down thin down jacket, if the family’s children are weak, afraid of cold and weak, then should choose more down thick down jacket.

Mother in the physical shop to buy down jacket, with the hand press down fluffy down jacket, then loosen, see whether the down jacket quickly restored to its original state. If it can not be restored or restored slowly, indicating poor quality, low content of cashmere, which may be mixed with a certain amount of wood or crushed pieces.

Touch and pinch the down jacket carefully with your hands to see how it feels. If it feels soft but not light, it’s mostly soft feathers rather than feathers. If it feels soft but the diaphragm is short and hard, it may be that there are too many pieces of feather tubes. The quality of this kind of down jacket will not be very good.

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