Down jacket is becoming a best seller in winter.

“As soon as Shanghai cooled down this year, the style of our down garments was sold out.” Sherry, who works in the Thom Browne public relations team, said. If you pay attention to the style of the brands on the shelves in the shopping mall, or the girls on the street wearing, it may not be difficult to find that down jackets appear more and more frequently among young girls.

A good market trend also affects the pick and order of buyers. In Shanghai, where there is no heating, more and more customers want to have down-like clothes to choose from, and down-wear has become a fashion item without distinction between the north and the south, beyond the definition of cold-proof clothes. “People like me who don’t wear a down jacket for thousands of years consider buying a cloak or a big cotton padded jacket.” Echo, director of the Balancing Buyers, told Interface News that orders were growing. Although the buyer team did not specialize in down-wear brands, they found that almost every brand had chosen to design down or cotton-padded clothes this year.

In the cold north, the lowest outdoor temperature in winter is as low as a few tens of degrees below zero, making it suitable to wear a warm down jacket. Sanlipop’s team of buyers specially selected a number of designer brands worldwide this winter to compose a list of down jackets for autumn and winter, including inflated and exaggerated designs that captured the hearts of fashion bloggers and became a street-beater.

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