How to wash your down jacket in correct ways

If the down jacket has no obvious stains, the new down jacket need not be washed, packed with breathable items (such as finishing bags), put a camphor ball to prevent moth, and then stored in a ventilated dry wardrobe can be, pay attention to the top not under heavy pressure.

Summer and autumn rainy season, after the rainy season, it is best to take down clothes out to air, to prevent mildew; if found mildew spots, you can use cotton balls with alcohol to wipe, and then clean with a clean wet towel, after drying properly collection. But be careful not to put it in the sun, otherwise the new dress may fade into old clothes.

If you want to wash down clothes, pay attention to the water temperature should not be too high, and use neutral detergent, wash and dry, you can use racks gently beat, which can make the filler back fluffy, but also conducive to the filler completely dry, prevent mildew.

In short, as long as you care carefully, when winter comes, you can take the lead in wearing brand-new winter clothes, enjoy comfort and warmth.

Many people have such a discovery: oneself diligently wash down jacket, but after drying the fabric often appear many white soap stains, frustrating.

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